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Founders of Capsule Studio - Kseniia Kuzmennko and Valeria Nohle

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welcome to capsule design studio

international full-service design Studio partnering with brands worldwide
With a clean, elegant approach to design, we will thoughtfully shape the foundation of your brand identity, print, packaging, and your website to communicate the essence of your business across all customer touch points. We value collaborative and authentic relationships with our clients and always aim to create a seamless and thoughtful experience during each project.

Why the name Capsule?

Founders of Capsule Design Studio - Valeria Nohle and Kseniia Kuzmenko
What we have in mind is the principle of a lady’s Capsule Wardrobe: all elements aesthetically complement each other. Each element has a timeless, elegant, laconic appearance, yet combined they create an atmosphere that is more than the sum of the individual pieces. That process inspired us to create a capsule design studio for branding and digital design.
From logo to social media, website to photo content — each element shines independently while seamlessly integrating with the rest.

Co-Founder + Creative Director + Graphic Designer + photographer

Valeria Nohle

Valeria co-founded Capsule Design Studio out of her passion for helping businesses with creative and mindful ideas for their visual appearance and marketing.

Having started her first business at an early age she has gained a great understanding for B2B and B2C marketing with the creation and implementation of concepts. In the Ensemble with her academic background in urban design, focusing on human behaviour in spaces, she became an expert in creating atmospherical designs that level up brands.
Valeria Nohle

Co-Founder + Creative Director + web-Designer + web-developer

Kseniia Kuzmenko

Kseniia co-founded Capsule Design Studio out of her strong desire to bring more considered and meaningful design, that will make you feel something. Connection. Empowerment. Emotion.

Due to Kseniia's experience in sales, marketing and management she knows how to sort everything out, to make the design process easier for the client. She always knew that helping people is her mission, and what can do it better than design, that has power to inspire for the action?!
Kseniia Kuzmenko

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