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Social Media Concept
Web-Design & Development
Model Photoshoot
Brand Voyage in Portugal
Visit live website
Visit live website
Focusing on the exquisite offerings of Sofia Home, a German distributor for Aromatic 89 brand, we managed the entire design and development process on the Shopify platform, bringing their unique luxury fragrances and skincare products to life online.

One of the distinctive feature, that we created is the scent palette page, a unique element, that can't be found on the original brand's site or any other distributor's. To accomplish this, we collaborated with a professional perfumer to identify dominant notes and capture each scent in a single photo.

Additionally, we organized content production in Portugal, conducting four photoshoots to showcase products in various settings: cosy and calm apartment with a bathtub, a car for car fragrances and additional product photography.

All in all, we created a content package with over 140 photos and 10 videos, seamlessly integrated into the website and Instagram account.
Brand voyage in Portugal
Brand Voyage is our signature service, where we bring your brand into special places, like an ancient Castello in Tuscany between endless olive trees or an endless Portuguese ocean beach with different natural textures. For luxury fragrances & skincare products brand SOFIA HOME we created 140+images and 10+ videos, that helped to express the idea behind the brand - calmness, coziness, aesthetics.
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